Vintage Velvet Vodka 70cl Bottle

Vintage Velvet Vodka 70cl Bottle


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The most innovative style of fusion vodka to come out of the UK. Stylish and sophisticated in its appearance, premium in taste, Vintage Velvet is a new branch of the vodka tree, starting a whole new concept. Double distilled and infused lightly with real Chardonnay grape juice the first of its kind in the UK and Europe. Made specially in small batches, from locally sourced produce just outside of London in Cambridgeshire. British craftsmanship has perfected this double distilled smooth vodka and added a little hint of Chardonnay grape juice to finish. Heightening taste, aroma and depth to your drinking experience. Making this the most exciting concept Vodka has seen in recent years! Re-invigorating the Vodka Martini and encouraging a simple serve of sweet sipping vodka with no nasty burn.