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Valento Prosecco

Valento Prosecco is fruity and flowery with delicate aromatics and hints of apples and pears. Fresh and lively in the mouth. Light bodied and elegant with an aromatic and fruit persistence. This is a quality affordable Processo that is delightful for the price paid.

Like all Prosecco, this is a sparkling white Italian Wine (Spumante) and the main grape used in Valento Prosecco production is the Glera. The Alcohol content of the Valento Prosecco is 11%vol and contains 1.4 UK Units per 125ml and 8.4 UK Units per bottle. The same volume of 125ml is 95 calories.

Best Ways to Enjoy Valento Prosecco

Procecco can be enjoyed cold on its own with friends, and is often the main constituent of a cocktail. This Prosecco is delightfully light and aromatic with fresh fruity notes so a cocktail with this Prosecco will need a little bit of bite. Firstly, put some quality Gin, Flavoured Gin or Flavoured Lequire in the freezer, wait until the Gin is thick and frozen, then pour your Valento Prosecco in a long flute glass. Pour a 25ml serving of your Flavoured Gin into the glass and enjoy.

Due to the light, fruity flavours, we can experience in the wine, and lively nature in the mouth this Prosecco will be perfect during the summer and warm weather. It will be perfect to be enjoyed with fresh fruit,  grilled fish with lemon or a light Ceaser Salad.

Where Can I Buy This Prosecco?

This particular sparkling wine can be purchased from most high street stores and supermarkets. It has been noted as a wine of quality for the price and is a very popular Prosecco in stock. This wine will be a fine addition to your Prosecco collection for those happy summer nights. If you are looking to buy Valento Prosecco you can purchase it right here.