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This collection will take you on a glorious tour of Europe's beers. Let's start off our journey in sunny Denmark with To-Øl. It would be a crime to leave this country without sampling Mikkeler's Peter, Pale and Mary Pale Ale. Swinging up to Sweden, indulge in Poppel's Mork Lager and Belgisk. After seeing Denmark and Sweeden it would be rude not to nip across into Norway for a refreshing tipple of Nøgne Ø's Belgian Blonde Ale! Heading for the sun in Spain and Voila! A blonde ale shines and some Space Coast from Edge Brewing. Heading back north we stop off in Beligum for Maredsous' Tripel, and intensely flavoured and coloured full bodied, full throttle beer. Lastly we land in Germany with Crew Republic. They're on a mission to spread the craft beer revolution as far as possible. Hop Junkie is their IPA while Easy another cracking Blonde, both are full of big and bold flavours. We hope you had a pleasant trip! – Learn more about Flavourly