Solbeso - Cacao 70cl Bottle

Solbeso – Cacao 70cl Bottle


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Solbeso is a South American Spirit made from Cacao. Solbeso gathers its fruit from family farms across Latin America where cacao harvesting has been a way of life for thousands of years. The growers’ primary interest is in the bean, which makes chocolate; the fruit is a by-product of this process. Solbeso works directly with local growers to reclaim this fruit, providing additional value and much needed assistance to these communities. After harvest, the fruit is partially fermented on open-air beds where it is literally kissed by the sun, acquiring a distinctive character and taste that is the tropics in its purest form. Because cacao fruit is highly perishable, Solbeso is distilled at the source, using specially-designed, cognac-style alembics that concentrate the aroma and refine the flavour of this delightfully smooth spirit.