Sauza - 901 70cl Bottle

Sauza – 901 70cl Bottle


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Product Description

901 Tequila is the world’s first ultra premium, hand-crafted tequila, with an exceptionally smooth finish that you only get by triple distilling 100% blue agave.

There are plenty of respectable tequilas out there, even if they all seem the same: imported from Mexico, 80 proof, comes in a 750 ml bottle, makes a nice margarita. So when Justin Timberlake, who has a passion for tequila, was looking for something truly special, he simply couldn’t find it. And so he decided to create his own hand-crafted Silver Tequila. He chose the Tequilera Newton distillery in Jalisco, Mexico to help transform a 60 year-old recipe into 901.

This thirst for something special goes beyond tequila. It’s an approach to living your life. Look for the next adventure, create better times, search out up-and-coming bands, stay ahead of the curve.

The premium agave used to give 901 its distinctive taste arrives at the distillery cleaned, cut and ready to be cooked. Each agave plant, also called a pine, weighs around 65 pounds.