Polugar - No. 3 (Caraway) 70cl Bottle

Polugar – No. 3 (Caraway) 70cl Bottle


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Based on a rye distillate with caraway and coriander added before the third distillation. This truly historic spirit is based on recipes rediscovered by Boris Rodionov, using the natural essential oils of the flavourings.

Polugar is the historic vodka from the Russian Empire, enjoyed throughout Russia by the aristocracy and peasants alike as the national spirit until 1895 when, following a decree of Czar Alexander III, all the pot stills were broken up. All production was converted to what we know today as vodka, distilled in government licensed and taxed column stills.

The art of Polugar distillation has returned, thanks to the research and passion of Boris Rodionov, a noted Russian vodka historian and scientist who has reproduced an 18th century recipe at the authentic strength of 38.5%. As the ban remains in place in Russia, it is now crafted in a micro-distillery in Poland, within the 19th century borders of the Russian Empire.