Pierre Peters - Cuvee Reserve NV 6x 75cl Bottles

Pierre Peters – Cuvee Reserve NV 6x 75cl Bottles


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The wine is clear or pale with hints of green typical to the Chardonnay. The mousse is fine and regular with a pretty ribbon of strong bubbles. The nose: The first nose is both flowery and fruity, then comes notes of fresh nuts and fresh bread. In the finish: Citrus which brings a beautiful impression of smoothness and freshness. Mouth feel: The attack is frank, associated with delicacy and roundness. The first impression is dominated with fresh white fruits (Lemon, Pear) and with flowers (Acacia), followed by creamy notes. The finally is persistent on the citrus (candied grapefruit, tangerine and lemon) and minerality, bringing freshness and elegance to the wine.