Oudinot Medium Dry Champagne - Case of 6

Oudinot Medium Dry Champagne – Case of 6


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Case includes: Product information: Oudinot Medium Dry Champagne, A rich and full flavoured medium dry Champagne with aromas of peaches and cream and toasted brioche., About this bottle:This is a wine for those who like to drink Champagne but find the brut versions a little too dry. This style of Champagne, a little sweeter than traditional brut is extremely popular in France where it is often drunk as an aperitif., Grape Variety: Mixed, Country of origin:France, More information: Bottle size:750 ml, Alcohol content:12 %, Alcohol units per bottle:9.0, Alcohol units per serving:1.5, Serving Size:125 ml, Allergens:Sulphites, Stopper type:Natural Champagne-style Cork, Consume Within:12 months of purchase, Bottling address: 63, Avenue De Champagne, B.P. 136, 51204 Epernay Cedex, France