North British 20 Year Old 1994 Hart Brothers

North British 20 Year Old 1994 Hart Brothers


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North British 20 Year Old 1994 vintage Lowland single grain Scotch whisky. Single cask bottled November 2014 by Hart Brothers.

North British
North British Distillery was established on farmland to the west of Edinburgh in 1885 by Andrew Usher, John M. Crabbie and William Sanderson. Since then the city has expanded ever outwards and now the distillery resides in the Gorgie area of Edinburgh and well within the city boundary. North British Distillery was built to guarantee supplies of grain whisky for their cordials and scotch whisky blending businesses. Nowadays North British Distillery matures some casks at the distillery in the remaining dunnage warehouse for release as well aged North British single grain whisky.