Nardini - Bianca 60 70cl Bottle

Nardini – Bianca 60 70cl Bottle


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Product Description

Back by popular demand within its Italian home market after a thirty year break, high-strength Nardini 60 is a challenging experience unless savoured in moderation after a fine meal, when its remarkable digestive properties come to the fore.

The initial impact on the palate is exciting and even explosive, but the sheer quality of the distillate makes it a gentle swallow, in spite of the high alcohol content.

The subject of painstaking diligence on the part Nardini’s master distiller, Nardini Bianca 60 has been conceived to reflect the same taste characteristics of the ‘Classic’ 50% Bianca grappa.

This includes a floral and vegetal nose as well as a flavour reminiscent of lemon zest and dark chocolate with delicate jasmine notes.

The dry finish is exceptional, with a remarkable length that has to be experienced to be believed.