Louis Royer - Force 53

Louis Royer – Force 53, VSOP 50cl Bottle


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Product Description

Force 53 is an exceptional cognac, a VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac with an alcoholic strength of 53%.

Why 53%? At the still’s outflow, the eau-de-vie contains 70 – 72 per cent of alcohol by volume. With the passing, the ‘angels share’ – progressively reduces the alcoholic strength. It is by adding distilled water little by little, that the cellar master brings down the Cognac alcoholic content to the legal minimum of 40 per cent of alcohol by volume.

It is around 53% that the VSOP Fine Champagne best reveals the magic of typical aromas of a subtly rounded Fine Champagne, obtained from well aged Cognacs.

Aged between 5 – 6 years.