Le Voyage de Delamain

Le Voyage de Delamain


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Creating an elegant cognac is no easy feat. For one of its recent blends, the highly respected house of Delamain, nearly 250 years old, spent two years combing through its archives, selecting and blending spirits from as far back as the late 1800s. But as managing director Charles Braastad quickly found out, producing the cognac was relatively easy compared with devising the perfect packaging for the limited-edition Le Voyage, priced at £5,000 a bottle. To ensure that the packing would be treasured, Delamain commissioned French glassmaker Baccarat to design a custom crystal decanter that would then be encased in a fan-shaped leather box reminiscent of a camera’s bellows. First, Delamain had difficulty finding a leather craftsman who could make the required 500 cases. Then the decanter’s unusual shape proved tough to produce. Braastad estimates that Baccarat made about 5,000 bottles, but only 10 percent were of high enough quality to sell. Despite the production problems, Braastad says Delamain was really pleased with the final product. Most of the 500 bottles sold worldwide have already been purchased or reserved but vintagewinegifts.co.uk still has it available on three working days notice.