Glendalough - Poitin Original 70cl Bottle

Glendalough – Poitin Original 70cl Bottle


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Long before there was Irish whiskey there was poitin {potcheen}. Every distilled drink across the world from rum to gin, to vodka or absinthe, you name it, can trace its ancestry straight back to poitin.

Nose: Slight in nature and might fool you. If you didn’t know better you might sense a faint Riesling fragrance, no less. Oak, berried fruit, gooseberries and blackcurrants are in there.

Taste: Creamy and mellow in the mouth and hangs on the tongue with a trace of lychees. Touches of vanilla and toasty oak throughout also. A very full flavoured poitin that goes down nicely.

Finish: A good length of finish, it’s lingering and warming and sweet, if slightly salty.