Glendalough – Foraged Seasonal Winter Gin 70cl Bottle


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Product Description

This is a gin unlike any other. Even from year to year, it will differ from the previous batch. Each season they go out into the wilds of the Wicklow mountains and forage with their botanist friend, Geraldine. They pick what grows and distill with it the very next day. This is the garden of Ireland in a bottle. Even when you look into the bottle you can see the place it has come from – with each bottle having a landscape photo taken on the day of our foraging. This is a gin with not only a sense of place, but a sense of time too. While the spring gin is a fresh mix of young green shoots, wild botanical leaves and flowers, the summer gin tastes like a meadow in bloom, with amazing floral flavours and light early fruits. Autumn is as you’d expect, only even more so. Packed with wild fruits and berries, it’s the bounty of the surrounding mountains bottled. And we won’t lie, our Winter gin is a tough one to get out. Some years we can’t even make a batch, it completely depends on what kind of winter we get.