Dom Perignon – Vintage Rose 2005 75cl Bottle


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On the palate the wine has a bracing vinosity. Its initial richness expands and affirms itself, becoming more physical, powerful and structured. It has remarkable length in the mouth, with a touch of licorice and a backdrop of juicy, bitter blood orange. On the nose, tropical notes of guava and curry leaf melt away into more classical ones of zest and very ripe stone fruit. Cocoa and toasted spices complement the whole. Conditions suitable for making Dom Perignon white vintage do not guarantee the production of a rose. The pale salmon colour is achieved by the addition of still red pinot noir wine to a blend of still wines made from pinot noir and chardonnay. The pinot noir wine must be of exceptional quality. The inclusion of chardonnay is important to the character of Dom Perignon Rose, a vital ingredient in producing a wine of perfect balance. The two grapes together offer harmony and complexity which is less likely to be achieved in Champagne by either grape on its own. Dom Perignon Roses remain a rare commodity due to the small quantities available from each vintage year.