De La Cruz 1767 - Palo Cortado 75cl Bottle

De La Cruz 1767 – Palo Cortado 75cl Bottle


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Made by De La Cruz de 1767, this magnificent sherry falls into the category of palo cortado. Made exclusively in Jerez, Spain, from Palomino de Jerez wine, this delicious sherry has pedigree…Bodegas Arfe is one of the oldest bodegas in this city of sherrys, since 1767, and the American oak barrels are some of the oldest barrels that can be found, giving depth to the fermenting liquid, as it spends 15 years waiting for its time to come. Luis Arroyo Felices, considered by many in this zone,to be the grand master of sherrys, has decided the time is right to let the world try this masterpiece.

The taste is complex..a fine nose, delicate like an old amontillado, a great structure, colour old gold or amber, clean and brilliant to the eye, a round nose of oak, dried fruit and vanilla.

Because of its scarcity and to maintain quality in time, the production of this wine is limited to 6,000 bottles per year.

Winner of the prestigious Gold Taste 95+. Wine Up Club award with 95.31 points.