Bramley And Gage – Slider (Sloe & Cider Liqueur) 35cl Bottle


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This is unique. The recipe was given to Bramley and Gage by devious means, but is has been made in Devon country kitchens for a very long time. Having made and bottled the Sloe Gin, they keep the highly alcoholic Sloes and infuse them in good Devon Cider (either from Whitestone Cider or from Heron Valley Cider) for six weeks. The result is a drink that tastes of apples, sloes, gin flavours, and, surprisingly, almonds. The almond flavour comes from the kernel of the sloes as they do not use almond essence or almonds in our Sloe Gin. It can be drunk neat or mixed 50/50 with soda, lemonade, or tonic, and ice cubes, cucumber and borage flowers for a long summer drink, or mulled with perhaps a little sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a slice of apple or pear for a warming winter noggin. Free from preservatives and colourings.