Bramley And Gage - Plum 35cl Bottle

Bramley And Gage – Plum 35cl Bottle


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This liqueur is made from 2 types of plum, on of which is the very special fruit known as the Dittisham Plum. It is a species plum and is grown in the sheltered Dart valley village, which gives it its name. On one point the many legends surrounding the arrival of these plums agree. They arrived by sea. The ship’s captain dumped his cargo as he had been unable to sell it and the thrifty villagers took the plums in and gave them a good home. The orchards became famous in their day and people made special expeditions from as far away as Plymouth and Exeter (a long way by horse and cart!), to get their annual supply. The season is very short, rarely lasting more than 10 days. Free from preservatives and colourings. Use within 6 weeks of opening for freshest flavour.