Anchor Steam 6 x 355ml Bottles

Anchor Steam 6 x 355ml Bottles


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The name Anchor Steam is inspired by an age-old brewing tradition in San Francisco where beer was brewed on rooftops in open pans. When the heat generated by the fermentation process met with the foggy cool air of San Francisco ‘steam’ was produced, and this became a nickname for any California beer brewed under these conditions. Anchor Brewing still use traditional open pans for their fermentation process to this day. This is a classic hybrid beer using lager yeasts that are usually associated with the production of traditional English bitter, a technique which originated in the gold rush era of America’s west coast. Using Northern Brewer hops, this beer is amber in colour and delivers a rich, caramel malt flavour, rounded off with delicate citrus notes. Enjoy chilled with Mexican food or just on its own with friends!