1897 Quinine Gin 70cl Bottle


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The cold-distilled cinchona bark brings ethereal, floral notes, while the cold-distilled citrus and classic botanicals impart a complex, citrus-y flavour profile. 1897 Quinine Gin is an exciting, inventive London Dry Gin that features cold-distilled cinchona bark (the traditional source of quinine, used as an antimalarial since the 17th century) as one of its core botanicals. It also features cold-distilled pink and white grapefruit and lemon peels and a whole host of classic gin botanicals distilled in a copper pot still. Not only is it an innovatively produced and appetizing gin, 1897 Quinine Gin is also supporting Malaria No More UK, a charity that works to inspire others to join in the fight to help protect millions of lives at risk. Over half of the producer’s profit (at least GBP5 per bottle sold) will be donated to support Malaria No More UK*, which is enough to buy, deliver and hang a mosquito net to a family living at risk from malaria in Africa. *At least GBP5 per bottle is paid to Malaria No More UK Trading Ltd which donates its taxable profits to Malaria No More UK a registered charity – number 1126222.