10 Saints 24x 355ml Bottles

10 Saints 24x 355ml Bottles


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Taking its name from the 11 parishes of Barbados, 10 of which are named after Saints, the 10 Saints Brewery was conceived in 2009 with the aim of combining the rum heritage of Barbados with a brilliant, refreshing lager.

A Professor of Brewing at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, and 10 Saints Master Brewer, Ian Herok, has spent years of product development and research into the oak ageing of beer to create this unique, premium lager from Barbados.

The production of 10 Saints is a slow and complex one, with the gradual infusion of flavours from wood to beer, a delicate process which creates 10 Saint’s deep flavour and unique character. The barrels used in this process were originally used to age bourbon in Kentucky, before being shipped to Barbados for ageing rum.

This small batch craft lager uses two varieties of hop, namely Galena, a bittering hop used extensively in the USA, and Styrian Goldings (ex Slovenia), which provides enhanced bitter properties and a mild hop background aroma.

During the production process water is filtered through coral, before undergoing some reverse osmosis and the inclusion of a highly flocculent bottom fermenting yeast.

The following oak ageing in rum casks results in a full flavoured, golden premium beer with distinctive but rounded notes of rum, malt, vanilla, tropical spice and toasted oak.