Vineyard in South AfricaAt the Drinks Cabinet we’ve got a wide variety of South African wines on offer – whether you’re in search of a bold Pinotage or a refreshing Chenin Blanc, you’ll find a multitude of flavours on offer from the Rainbow Nation.

A balmy Mediterranean climate makes the Western Cape of South Africa an ideal wine region. The first Europeans to settle here were quick to realise this, and vineyards began appearing shortly after their arrival. Unfortunately these first settlers were Dutch and had limited knowledge of the winemaking process.

However it wouldn’t be long before French Huguenot refugees arrived on the scene, bringing their native expertise in wine production with them. Regions like Stellenbosch, Constantia and Paarl trace their roots back to that early flourishing of wine production and have become world famous over the years.

The mountains that criss-cross these areas play an important role in making wine from South Africa so varied – there are countless different soil types within each region, and the proximity of both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans provides a positive cooling influence.
White has traditionally been the most celebrated type of South African wine and grapes such as Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay are the most popular.
In recent years there has been a focus on improving the quality of South African red wine. The native Pinotage variety, second only to Merlot in popularity, has played an important role in creating a distinctively South African style red.

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