Sherry cellarSherry is the name given to the fortified wine which is produced in and around the Spanish city of Jerez, in the very south of the country. Wine has been made in this part of Spain for over 3,000 years but the arrival of the Moorish people of North Africa in the 10th century brought knowledge about how to distill wine for a stronger product. Sherry was exported throughout Europe as far back as the Middle Ages and the UK has always been one of the biggest markets for sherry.

There are many different varieties, most of which are dry. All types are made from one of three varieties of grapes; Moscatel, Pedro Ximenez or Palomino. Palomino grapes are generally used to make the driest types of sherries such as fino or amontillado, and Moscatel grapes are used for sweet sherries.

Anything labelled as sherry has to come from the area immediately surrounding the city of Jerez. This wine is traditionally drunk in tulip shaped glasses which maximise the flavour and aroma, and is between 15 and 22% alcohol by volume.

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