Italian wine and flagItaly is a long, thin county, stretching from the Alps in the north and almost touching Africa in the South. This dramatic difference in climate and landscape, along with the cooling influence of an extensive coastline, means that there is a huge range of Italian wine to enjoy. In terms of production Italian wine is virtually neck and neck with France in terms of volume, and sale of Italy’s flagship sparkling wineProsecco recently overtook those of Champagne.
With a love for wine stretching back to the Roman era Italy has always been a natural home for great vintages. The multitude of Italian wine regions produce distinctive and sought after wines, such as a Barolofrom Piedmont, or Amarone from Veneto. White wines are also becoming increasingly popular in Italy as winemakers begin to explore white wine varietals beyond the somewhat bland but ubiquitous Pinot Grigio.
Blends, often earthed in the central Italian staple Sangiovese grape, have played an important part in the taste of Italian wine. The highly successful ‘Super Tuscans’ which flouted regional Italian wine regulations relating to Chianti, have become among the most sought after vintage reds in the world. At the Drinks Cabinet you can explore Italian wine in all its variety.

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