French wine bottlesWith its strict regulation of specific wine regions and ancient role as the world’s sommelier  – the wine of France is a matter of national pride. More than any other mainstay of its culture, French wine maintains a hallowed status which is clearly evident in the country’s vast array of fine wines.

Since the Ancient Greeks first set up shop in Marseille the French have been getting excited about wine. The benchmark setting wine industry we know today has its origins in the spread of Christianity – in vineyards attached to large monastic estates. Even at this early stage the key concept of ‘terroir’, the idea that the character of a wine is shaped by where it is grown, was taking shape.

Later other nations began clamouring  to keep their cellars stocked with good French claret. As a result regions with navigable rivers (especially Bordeaux) and easy access to external markets, began to become the biggest players.

Despite near extinction at the hands of the phylloxera epidemic, French wine recovered from the ravages of the first half of the 20th century to reclaim its position as the international standard bearer for quality wine. At the Drinks Cabinet we’ve brought you an exceptional selection from France’s best vineyards.
As you might expect, the closely guarded produce of the great wine regions are home to the most famous French wines. Whether it’sChâteauneuf-du-Pape from the Rhône, the Chablis of Burgundy, or the great Beaujolais vintages, French wine is all about origin and locality, right down to the exact château and vineyard.

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