Argentinian wines and flagArgentinian wine is full of flavour and of a high quality. As enthusiastic consumers most wine produced in the country is enjoyed locally, with an estimate of only 15 per cent of produce exported to be enjoyed worldwide. The much-loved Malbec is currently the most popular Argentinian wine, both as an export and a locally consumed product. Argentina is the worlds’ fifth largest producer of wines overall.
The Mendoza region of Argentina, which borders on the Western side of Chile, is the largest and most renowned grape growing region of the country, which produces the much-loved, ruby-red Sangiovese Bonarda, a wine which is light-medium on the palate. San Juan follows closely, which also features a voluminous amount of vineyard acres and monumental production volumes, yielding the popular Callia Syrah, which is a light-bodied wine with plummy, spicy, vanilla undertones and a hint of oak.
Home to a dynamic climate with high temperatures, plenty of sunlight, varying mountainous elevations and fertile soil, the growing conditions in these regions are largely conducive to producing great grapes.
As with wines produced in Europe, Argentinian wines feature the unique regional district in which they are produced on the label of the bottle, and notable districts to keep an eye out for include Agrelo, the Uco Valley and Maipu.

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