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Wine has been a spectacularly popular drink for centuries, with connoisseurs paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for rare bottles whilst many others enjoying well-priced bottles in both red and white varieties, as well as rose. Sparkling wines can be found in all three types too and the beauty of wine is that each bottle truly has its own flavour, scent and taste, allowing it to cater to many different palates.

The oldest winery in the world was found in Ancient Armenia and only uncovered in 2007 by researchers from UCLA. Wine has come a long way since these times with it spreading across Europe thanks to the Roman Empire adopting Christianity and in the 16th century it made its way across the oceans and into Argentina, with the first grapes of the famous Mendoza wine region planted. Wine has developed considerably over time with many New World Wines now rivalling the famous flavours of France and Italy. There are over 60 wine manufacturing countries around the world now, including regions as obscure as Lebanon and many dedicated winegrowers are working to cultivate their growing range of offerings.

Wine is produced from a wide range of special grape varietals, many cultivated specifically in their individual region. Once the grapes and grown and picked they are then crushed, fermented and then aged before bottling, delivering the end product which is popular worldwide.

The beauty of wine is its mass appeal. Whilst some enjoy the robust strength of a hardy Bordeaux others much prefer the soft, fruity sweetness of a Riesling and there are so many variables in between that there is a wine for almost everyone.

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