Buy your bourbon online at the drinks cabinet. No one knows exactly when Bourbon whiskey first appeared. The practice of ageing whiskey to improve its flavour had been common practice in Europe, so when Europeans settled in America it seemed like a logical combination to use the local corn for the mash and oak.

The main ingredients used in bourbon are corn, which varies from roughly 51-79% of the overall ingredients, depending on the brand. The other ingredients are rye and malted barley. The grains are then cooked in a mash cooker and taken to fermentation. Yeast is then added to the fermentation tank, the yeast then breaks down the sugar turning the mash in alcohol. Initially the alcohol is beer, this is put into distillation, where the beer is moved to the bottom. The bourbon is then put into white oak barrels and stored for a minimum of two years.

There are many different varieties of bourbon whiskey ranging in taste and characteristic. Bourbons vary from light and smooth, to a more crisper, stronger taste. If you ask most people about bourbon whiskey they’ll mention the smooth taste of Jack Daniels or Jim Beam, but there are so many others brands worth tasting. Try the 12 year old, 94 proof Elijah Craig bourbon for the perfect middle-ground flavour or why not sample the smooth and sweet Evan Williams Single Barrel bourbon.

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