Vodka labelVodka originated in Eastern Europe, the name vodka comes from the Russian word ‘voda’ meaning water. The history of vodka is patchy at best, but the first documented vodka was produced in Russia near the end of the 9th century. Poland still stands by its claim that it has been producing distilled Vodka since the middle of the eighth century, but it is probable that this was a crude form of brandy, rather than a vodka. It wasn’t until the mid-eighteenth century that Vodka became truly popular and world-wide consumption began. Vodka is now one of the most popular spirits in the world.

Nearly all vodkas available today are produced using either corn, rye or wheat; though they can also be made using potatoes, grapes and even rice. Vodka is made by first mashing the ingredients. The mash is then poured into large stainless steel vats, where yeast is added. This is then left for 2 to 4 days. After a few days the yeast turns the sugar in the mash into alcohol. The alcohol is then pumped to stills. It is then heated with steam and cycled up and down until the vapours have been released. This is how imperfections are removed. At this point the alcohol is roughly 95%, so water is added to make the vodka drinkable.

Vodka is a spirit that can vary widely in both quality and price. Smirnoff offer affordable smooth rich tasting vodkas. Grey goose is the ideal vodka to use when mixing. Or if you’re feeling decadent why not try the smooth, clean, refreshing taste of Van Gogh Vodka.

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