Worth more than just your average slammer or speedily downed shot, tequila is a delicately flavoured spirit that Mexico is right to be proud of. It is a drink which is packed full of subtle flavours and when you find a good one, you’ll enjoy all the natural goodness of the plant it is created from.

Tequila is made from the distinctive blue agave plant, known for its spiked appearance and a flavour which brings together the hot warmth of pepper, a spicy freshness and undertones of fruit. There are over 1300 registered tequila brands and the finest are up there in terms of quality with your favourite cognac, single malt whisky or premium vodka.

The blue agave plant is mainly grown in the region of Jalisco in Mexico, although it does prosper in other areas including Nayarit and Tamaulipas. Tequila is marketed by purity as well as age, with 100% agave tequilas known as puro and those blended known as mixto. Mixto tequilas are subtler in flavour and have less of the bright, full flavour that the drink is known for. The age designations go from blanco, which is the youngest through reposado and añejo to extra añejo.

With so many different tequila producers creating stylish and uniquely flavoured products, there is plenty of choice for every budget from classic Jose Cuervo in a diverse range of ages and styles to aged Don Julio and Arette offerings.

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