Sparkling wine comes in many styles and guises, from premium champagnes to alternatives from Spain, Italy and beyond which very often given the classiest champagnes a run for their money. Our bubbly represents a range of different sparkling wines which can be a versatile way of enjoying something a little different to your usual table wine.

Sparkling wine can be made from a wide range of different grape varietals and is produced in wineries around the world, most notably in France, Spain and Italy but also in England and in the New World wine regions too. Sparkling wines are usually made in one of three ways: natural fermentation in the bottle (known as méthode traditionelle or méthode Champenoise), in a tank (known as the Charmat method and used commonly in Italian sparkling wines) and for the most budget friendly sparkling wines, carbon dioxide is simply directly straight into the wine.

Our range of bubbly includes examples from around Europe. You will find:

Cava: known for its amazing value and produced around the Catalonian town of San Sadurni de Noya. Cava is Spain’s most prominent sparkling wine.

Champagne: the most famous sparkling wine and of the highest premium. Champagne must be made using only chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier and it can only be made within the specific region of Champagne in Northern France.

Prosecco: hugely popular and perhaps the UK’s leading party wine, prosecco is a light and refreshing Italian bubbly.

Spumante: translating as the Italian for ‘foaming’ spumante is a coverall term for all Italian sparkling white wines, which are specifically known as Asti Spumante when made in the Piedmont area.

Our range of bubbly caters for every occasion and all kinds of tastes, whether you’re planning a huge celebration or a small get together.

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