Draught Lager

Lager originated in the early nineteenth century in Bavaria. It was here that people began to experiment with the brewing techniques which gave birth to one of the most popular alcoholic drinks ever created.
Some of the notable methods used by the Bavarian brewers included storing their concoctions in sub-zero conditions in the Bavarian Alps and using bottom fermenting yeast. The use of freezing temperatures was a notable first. Other types of beer such as ale having been brewed in warm temperatures before that.
The process would take months to complete, allowing the yeast and other material to settle which left a smooth tasting drink with a pale colour. Lager quickly spread across Europe and now almost every country in the world produces it.
The Germans are still very much at the top of the lager world with brewers still producing fine lagers across the country. Flotzinger Josefi Bock in fact comes from Rosenheim in the Bavaria region and is arguably as good as anything produced there. Tannish in colour with a fruit & nut like taste it is one that must be sampled. Bierland Vienna shows the reach of lager, coming from Brazil this is a highly sought after lager due to its light bodied appeal and crisp and clear taste. Hopworks Urban Brewery Organic Lager originating in Portland, USA is a Czech style lager which is gaining a reputation due to its low alcohol content and clean ample taste.

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