Beer is the world’s most widely consumed alcohol beverage and is in fact the world’s most popular drink overall, closely following behind tea and water. Produced by brewing in breweries around the world, there are a wide range of different types of beer to enjoy and our range is indicative of many of the different styles and flavours that can be enjoyed.

Beer is believed to be one of the world’s oldest prepared drinks, with evidence suggesting it dates back as far as the early Neolithic period. The many different types of beer are broken into different categories and we offer a wide range of different types to suit different palates.

Traditional ales can be found in a range of forms from classic brown ales to those golden in colour and their flavours are known to be mild and often have a sweet nuttiness to them. Ale lends itself well to being flavoured and the first English brown ales were produced in the early 20th century. India Pale Ales were first produced in the 18th century and have a lightly hopped flavour which was soon popular across the UK and the Empire. IPAs are traditionally stronger than regular ale because they were formulated to survive long journeys overseas.

Another type of beer which is hugely popular, the most popular type of beer of all in fact is lager. The most widely consumed and popular beer of all, lager covers many regional variations including Bock and Pilsner.

The final key type of beer which we offer in our range is porter, known for its dark style and origins in London. Stout is a further development from porter and like ales, porter lends itself well to being combined with fruit and other flavourings such as chocolate throughout the brewing process.

Our range of beer covers all these popular varieties and you’ll be sure to find plenty of offers and great value products.

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