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Whisky – A winter warmer from The Drinks Cabinet

With the very real possibility that 2020 may be a little lacking in the spirit of
Christmas, it’s good to know that your favourite online drink shop, The Drinks
Cabinet, can ensure that you at least have a dependable supply of Christmas
If you are looking for something to keep you warm this winter, can we
recommend a little something from Cardhu? Internationally recognised as the
base malt in all Johnny Walker brands, Cardhu has achieved a popularity abroad
that it doesn’t enjoy at home. As fans of single malt whisky, we think that is a
state of affairs that needs to be addressed!
Like many whiskies, Cardhu has its origins in the slightly less-than-legal
moonshine distillers of the 19th Century, in this case one John Cumming of
Speyside. In 1824, with the advent of the Excise Act, Cumming was able to put
himself on the right side of the law, and with the help of his family Cardhu was
to continue & grow, production only being halted for the duration of the Second
World War.
The range from Cardhu covers quite a lot of ground, although those of you
already familiar with whisky would expect nothing less. From £38.17 for a
bottle of their 12-year-old single malt up to £650 for a cask-strength Manager’s
Dram, bottled at 15 years and released back in 1989.
Cardhu whiskies are noted for their sweet palate, described variously as
‘honeyed flapjack’ and ‘homemade caramel square’, we think this makes them
an ideal Christmas accompaniment, something to warm you against winter
In these difficult times, buying your festive drinks online makes more sense
than ever. Not only can we offer excellent value for money but you enjoy the
convenience of being able to browse in the comfort of your own home and have
your purchases delivered directly to your door, each item carefully selected and
packed to ensure that you receive them in perfect condition. Don’t forget, that
if you would like to give the gift of Cardhu to a whisky lover you know, we can
deliver directly to them on your behalf.
Cardhu and the festive season are made for each other, and with a little help
from us at The Drinks Cabinet there is little separating the ‘click’ from the
‘clink’! Enjoy.