UK Wine Industry boosted by One Million Vines Pledge

The UK wine industry has beedn given a considerable boost as it has been announced that a record one million vines will be planted in 2017. This is a huge step up and a chance to make wine one of the leading agricultural sectors in the United Kingdom.

The new vines will be spread across an area of 625 hectares and will deliver a forecasted yield of around two million bottles. This alone will contribute approximately £50m more to the industry’s value and give English and British wine the chance to improve its profile even further.

UK increasingly ‘Under Vine’

The last ten years has seen a huge increase in the amount of the UK ‘under vine’. In just the last decade the area under vine has grown 135% and the acreage has tripled since 2000. With more vines planed there will be even more opportunity for UK and English wines to build their reputation and challenge the more popular varietals from Europe and further afield.

The planting of one million vines marks a record in UK winemaking history and with the growth in interest in wines from across the region, the United Kingdom Vineyard Association has launched The UK Wine Awards to celebrate English and Welsh wine producers. The results of the competition will be announced at the end of May and the competition exists to shine a spotlight on the growing quality and diversity in British wines.

UK Wine at The Fine Wine Company

We stock a range of high quality English and British wines at the Fine Wine Company, giving you the chance to enjoy a taste of the UK.

Tonbridge’s Hush Heath Winery produce a wide range of enjoyable flavours, including their Skye Chardonnay. We also stock a range from West Sussex’s Bolney Estate including their intense yet well-balanced Pinot Noir. Stopham Estate is another of our suppliers, with their range amongst the most extensive, including both regular and sparkling wines. You can try their summery 2014 Rose today.

These are just a few of the UK wines you can try from our range and as those newly planted vines grow and develop, we’re sure there will be more additions to our range.