Outstanding deals on Champagne from Serenta Wines

Here’s a selection of the finest Champagnes and sparkling wines. Rarely do you get the chance to snap up such prestigous brands at such low prices. Everyone needs a bit of extra sparkle in their lives at this time of year, so why not take this great opportunity to treat yourself? 

Sparkling Rose, Charles Pelletier

Sparkling Rose Charles PelletierAn absolute steal! Great quality sparkling rose with lovely fresh red berry fruit, a gentle mousse and dry finish. A perfect mid-week treat!

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Champagne Brut Carte Blanche, Bauget-Jouette
Champagne Bauget Jouette
These days, the estate is run by Jean-Pierre Bauget and his wife Beatrice, who own 14ha of vines around Epernay, where Chardonnay is the predominant variety planted. They still use the original 18th century cellars which are dug 27 metres into the chalk below Epernay.

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Champagne Brut Vintage, Bernard RemyChampagne Brut Vintage, Bernard Remy
60% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Noir, 15% Pinot Meunier. Only made when the vintage has been good enough to satisfy Bernard and Rudy this wine spends five years on its lees. Amber-gold colour, the nose is fine, very pure – quite floral, ripe berries, hint toastiness. Very good concentration in the palate, creamy, fresh texture – pure flavours, complex, there’s a lot going on here. Long, balanced and sustained finish. Excellent champagne from a top-drawer vintage.

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Champagne Blanc de Blancs, Bernard RemyChampagne Blanc de Blancs, Bernard Remy
100% Chardonnay of course, 3 years on its lees with a further two to three years maturation. Mid-gold, amber colour, fresh nose, very clean – citrus notes, honeysuckle – touch floral. Lovely creamy palate, good concentration and minerality, long, sustained finish; classic Blanc de Blancs.

1 btl gift package £34.99 2 btl gift package £65.99 3 btl gift package £96.99

Champagne Brut Rose, Bernard RemyChampagne Brut Rose, Bernard Remy 60 % Pinot Noir, 35 % Chardonnay, 5 % Pinot Meunier, Coloured with 13 % Bouzy Rouge. Bernard eschews the clear glass approach of some champagne houses as he feels that clear glass adversely affects the quality. A pale rose colour, ripe whole berries on the nose, raspberry / strawberry. Very pure flavours on the palate, good acidity and clarity – the finish is fine and sustained. An excellent rose, very classy. This just might stand up to chocolate cake, very good with red fruit roulade or similar.
1 btl gift package £36.99 2 btl gift package £68.99 3 btl gift package £100.99
Champagne Carte Blanche, Bernard RemyChampagne Carte Blanche, Bernard Remy 60 % Pinot Noir, 35 % Chardonnay, 5 % Pinot Meunier with a minimum of two years on its lees. Light, mid-gold colour, good effervescence and clarity – has a quality look to it. Fresh nose, citrus, lime, some white flower and honey which follows through into the palate. Lovely fresh mouthfeel, good weight and complexity. Clean long finish.

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