online Whisky shop – Master of Malt

We welcome to The Drinks Cabinet. Their exquisite selection of whiskies and other spirits makes a great addition to our catalogue.
Master of Malt have a proud heritage of over 25 years in whisky retail. From humble beginnings in their retail shop in Royal Tunbridge Wells, they have painstakingly compiled their vast catalogue of fine single malt scotch whiskies over a quarter of a century to provide one of the most expansive ranges of fine and rare malts to be found anywhere in the world, and if they haven’t got it – the chances are they can find it for you.
Whilst they’re all absolutely bonkers about whisky in all its forms, they recognise that there are other spirits out there which are just as worthy of reverence. Rum, Cognac, Armagnac, Tequila, and even the lighter spirits Gin and Vodka all have the potential for a huge level of variety and interesting sub-division. They’re dedicated to sourcing as many interesting and hard to find spirits as possible.
Combining industry-leading knowledge and experience with a drive and passion for all things whisky-related, they’re here to help you in any way they can. If you’ve got any questions at all then please pick up the phone and call them on 01892 888138 or find them directly at