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6 The Mediterranean Mixed Case Delight

This Italian and Spanish selection is great for those who like fine wine and wish to experience the pleasure of an Mediteranean wine adventure. Two varietal wines, from two countries and two great winemakers, this case lets you explore the luxurious side of red and white wines. This wines are all about flavour, character and terroir. 

WAS £77.94
NOW Just £71.94

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6 Unmissable Whites and Roses

When the weather’s hot and you want refreshment, you shouldn’t have to settle for boring wine. As this case proves, summer drinking can be the most vibrant, flavoursome and refreshing wine of all. Taking you to the heart of France’s Loire Valley, these two wines from Sancerre, one rosé and one white, are the essence of summery tranquility. 

WAS £94.44
NOW Just £82.32

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6 Five Star Gourmet Dessert Selection

For those with a sweet tooth, this sticky case is a dream come true. Sometimes a glass of chilled dessert wine is the only way to finish a meal, full of unmatched complexities and aromatic intensity. Whether you partner these two late harvested wines (one red, one white) with dessert, cheese, or just enjoy them by themselves, you’ll feel much sweeter.

WAS £148.44
NOW Just £136.44

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