5 supreme Gins to celebrate – Spring is here!

Guess what? Spring is here and we want to celebrate it with a selection of 5 of the finest Gins of all time. Whether is a classic 1960s Gordon’s or Beefeater’s Borrough’s original recipe, here’s an extraordinary selection to make toast to spring.

GORDON’S DRY GIN Bot.1960s Spring Cap An old bottle of Gordon’s world-famous London Dry Gin with the yellow label nowadays on seen on higher strength export versions. We estimate this dates from the 1960s, when Gordon’s was produced in England, and comes with the popular spring-cap closure.

BOOTH’S DRY GIN Bot.1960s A very old bottle of Booth’s gin. We reckon that this was bottled in the 1960s.

TANQUERAY SPECIAL DRY GIN Bot.1970s A bottle of Tanqueray’s Special Dry Gin from the 1970s. Still using the same classic bottle shape as they do today, this was bottled for the export market.

RED HILLS DRY GIN Bot.1970s An old bottle of Red Hills Dry Gin, originally produced for the Italian market in the 1970s.

BEEFEATER BURROUGH’S RESERVE OAK RESTED GIN Beefeater’s Borrough’s Reserve Gin is made to founder James Burrough’s original 1860 recipe. Distilled by hand using his original ‘Still number 12’ with a 268 litre capacity, it is then rested in French oak barrels which used to contain Lillet – the first gin ever to do so. There are notes of citrus and subtle spice.