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Why is the rum gone?

It isn’t! In fact rum is more popular than ever before. There are simply hundreds of possibilities when it comes to mixing up a rum cocktail. Whether you want something spicy, sweet or full-bodied there is a rum cocktail out there for you and here are five of the best to try.

Yo ho ho and (The Drinks Cabinet’s) bottles of rum.

Rum Old Fashioned
Give that classic Old Fashioned a rummy kick with this twist on the original recipe. Begin by combining a sugar cube to 2 dashes of Angostura bitters and an ice cube. Stir until the ice cube has melted and the sugar dissolved and then pop in 50ml of Bacardi Black Rum and add more ice cubes and stir. Add orange peel to garnish and keep stirring to ensure a fully blended taste.

Classic Daiquiri

It’s not frozen, it’s not flavoured and it’s not dressed up in anyway except in its classic style. The original daiquiri recipe cannot be beaten. Begin by pouring a teaspoon of sugar and half a lime’s worth of juice into a cocktail shaker and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Then add your chosen light or golden rum to the mixer and shake for ten seconds before staining into a chilled class and garnishing with fresh lime.

Jamaican Hurricane
With a real taste of the Caribbean about it the Hurricane is a modification of a Daiquiri which has a truly exotic flavour. Combine your chosen Jamaican rum with fresh lime juice and passion fruit syrup as well as ice and shake. Once blended pour into your chosen glass and garnish with orange or cherries.

Gunfire Recipe
One of those cocktails which may appeal to the quintessentially English out there as it combines dark rum and the national drink – tea. Simply mix together a cup’s worth of strong black tea and then your single or double shot of dark rum. It’s one way to definitely enjoy a cup of tea with a difference.

The national drink of Puerto Rico combines sweet coconut milk, egg yolks, caster sugar and dark rum, as well as a garnish of nutmeg. Coquito is the Puerto Rican equivalent of Egg Nog but the sweet creamy flavour is enjoyable throughout the year. The ingredients of a coquito are usually prepared in a blender to ensure a full distribution of the sugar and nutmeg, and some recipes include vanilla and cinnamon too.

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