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What does your wine rack say about you?

If you’re beginning to explore the world of fine wines then your collection and tastes will develop over time. Having a well balanced wine rack is important to any aficionado. But what does yours say about you?


A lack of variety

If you’re relatively new to wine collecting, then you might find your wine rack contains only a couple of varieties, or only one colour. It could be that your collection chiefly contains you or your partners favourite wine, and a few token alternatives for guests. This is a dead giveaway that someone is new to wine in this capacity. Seasoned collectors tend to have a wide variety of different grapes, vintages and colours to gain a broad spectrum with flavours to accompany every meal.

Mostly expensive or famous wines

Most wine collectors will own at least a couple of really famous labels. But if you find that you’re filling your rack with exclusively pricey bottles then you should consider why you’re collecting in the first place. A good collection is based on personal experience and variety. Maybe there’s a cheaper bottle that you bought on honeymoon, or a really nice table wine from that holiday a few years ago. Each wine tells a story and if the only one yours can relate is the price then some soul searching could be in order.

A few choice vintages are a good idea of course, saved for special occasions they’re ideal for a little taste of luxury, but these should be special, rather than the bulk of your wine rack.

Getting the perfect mix

To build up the perfect collection you should have a good selection of many different varieties, regions, colours and ages. Try to split your choices into red and white, with the odd rose or sparkling for good measure. Of course choose flavours that you enjoy, but do try and broaden your horizons. Wine tours are an excellent way to experience new tastes and try wines that you might otherwise avoid. They are also a great way to build your collection without a hefty price tag as they are obviously going to be more economical when bought direct from the winery. Having a good knowledge of what flavours work together will come in time, eventually you’ll have a good basic selection with a few really special wines in there for an exquisite addition to any celebration.

Your collection will eventually become well balanced as long as you continue to add to it. Our tastes change over time. But if you want to improve your collection then use our tips to get a lovely range of flavours and strike the perfect balance.


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