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Tobermory distillery resumes whisky making

The isle of Mull’s Tobermory distillery has resumed production after a drought on the island caused a halt to production. Tobermory is one of Scotland’s oldest Scotch whisky distilleries and was founded in 1798.

Six weeks of drought meant that the distillery which produces The Tobermory Single Malt and Ledaig had to halt distilling.

However on Saturday six inches of rain fell in the local loch meaning that production of its Scotch whisky could once again get under way.

Master blender Ian MacMillan has promised that production would be increased to make up for the shortfall caused by the drought.

This isn’t the first time that Tobermory has had to haut operation due to a lack of water on the island: this also happened during last year’s exceptionally dry summer months.

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