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The Dram and the Dollar

Whisky as an investment – Scotland’s national drink as a long-term money maker.

Whisky has become a new and interesting alternative for people looking to find a way to invest but aren’t interested in the traditional stock market route. Scotch whisky is becoming much more than an enjoyable drink and barrels of whisky are becoming one of the most popular alternatives for long-term investors.

Mature Scotch Whisky has been found to have an annual appreciation in real terms of 7% and an online marketplace is now making it easier than ever before for investors to access quality whisky for investment purposes.

A specially designed online marketplace WhiskyInvestDirect, has been created by the team who run the gold investment site BuillonVault and it is a platform which could make a difference to those who are treating their Scotch as an investment rather than an after dinner drink. The platform has been designed to create a marketplace for a wide range of many different whiskies so they can be bought whilst still in the barrel, whilst the maturation process is still underway. Once the barrels are bought they will be stored in Scotland’s bonded warehouses which store the industry’s maturing stocks and investors are then in the position to decide when to sell and who to. The barrels are usually sold onto brands who make blended whisky, which account for 90% of all bottles sold in the international Scotch whisky industry.

The return that whisky has delivered on average is something that investors simply can’t ignore and getting involved at WhiskyInvestDirect is something anybody can do, with trades on the order board costing just 1.75per cent, for both buyers and sellers.

One of the key things to keep in mind, if you are considering whisky as an investment is that price movements can be very up and down. This is due to the fact that whisky barrels don’t produce any earnings or income so prices are dependent entirely upon supply and demand. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad investment but it is something to keep in mind when choosing to invest in this kind of stock.

It will be interesting to see just how popular an option for long-term investors whisky becomes.

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