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Strathearn Distillery sees success with First Single Malt

Perthshire’s Strathearn Distillery is one of the youngest and smallest distilleries in the whole of Scotland but this doesn’t stop them from being ambitious. In December they proudly launched their first Scotch single malt whisky and the first bottle sold for an impressive £4,150 at auction.

The first 100 bottles of this brand new offering from the Strathearn Distillery were all auctioned to whisky lovers and bottle number 001 will be delivered personally by hand, by the distillery’s founder. The lucky winner is based in Italy and Tony Reeman-Clark will personally ensure they receive their one-of-a-kind bottle.

All of the first 100 bottles were sent out during December and ensure that all the lucky bidders get the chance to taste a piece of history. The whisky is the first single malt released by Strathearn and it was matured for three years and a day.

Established in 2013, Strathearn Distillery produces both exceptional gins and whiskies. They began producing their spirits in October 2013 and business has continued to boom ever since. Their artisan single malt has been waiting for maturation since the distillery’s beginnings and it’s no wonder so many were desperate to get their hands on a bottle. The single malt is matured in small 50 litre casks to create a traditional flavour and with the use of different malts (peated and non-peated) and different casks including sherry, rum and bourbon, every batch of Strathearn single malt will have its own individual character and expression.

With a single cask to single malt approach Strathearn can embrace their artisan and experimental nature. Different wood types and finishes can be played with and they are able to try and test different methods to create beautiful and original flavours. This is something that can already be seen in their innovative and exciting gin collection, which includes Heather Rose Gin and Citrus Gin.

Strathearn Distillery is proud to be one of Scotland’s smallest and most inventive gin producers and with the popularity of their exclusive single malt, it’s clear their reputation for whisky will be strong too.

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