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Scottish Drinks Brand BrewDog launches Spirits Range

BrewDog have become one of the most loved and enjoyed brands in the craft beer sector and due to their storming success, they are moving into new and exciting areas. BrewDog announced last month that they’re adding to their drinks range with the launch of a whole new range of spirits, available in all BrewDog bars around the country and also online. The new brand is called LoneWolf and BrewDog has their very own distillery to ensure they can produce a full range of different spirits.

The new Scottish spirits company launched with both vodka and gin produced for their initial offering but they have grand ambitions to move into other spirits too. Whisky is one that BrewDog will definitely be offering in the future and they have purposefully built dedicated premises to ensure their focus on craft distillation is precision engineered. The company is fiercely proud of its heritage and when speaking on behalf of LoneWolf, managing director Doug Bairner said: “To create a spirit that is pure of bloodline, you need to truly start from scratch, so LoneWolf Vodka and LoneWolf Gin is created entirely under one roof. Every stage is owned and crafted in our Scottish distillery. “

LoneWolf Premium Spirits

LoneWolf Gin is a fully unfiltered spirit and their vodka is distilled four times and then filtered. Alongside the spirits, LoneWolf is also launching its own line of tonic and sodas, designed with the flavour notes of their spirits in mind.

BrewDog: A Scottish Success Story

BrewDog is both a brewery and pub chain with its roots firmly based in Scotland. The company has gone from strength to strength, beginning with just one bar in Aberdeen but soon spreading around Scotland and further afield, including Helsinki and Florence. They are a company who innovate and look for new ways to stand out in a busy sector and it is pretty clear LoneWolf will follow the same path as its parent company.

The developments at LoneWolf may take some time but this year we’ve got new sodas and soft drinks to look forward to, as well as the vodka and gin already on the market.