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Glenmorangie and its Malts

One of the most loved whisky brands in the UK and beyond, here we’re looking at the many facts and many malts of Glenmorangie. The home of the Glenmorangie distillery is in Tain, Ross-shire, in the highlands of Scotland. A hugely popular name amongst whisky lovers today, the distillery produces the biggest-selling malt whisky range in Scotland. 
The distillery was first established in 1843 after being converted from the Morangie brewery, and fitted-out with two second hand gin stills. Its name, Glenmorangie is Scots Gaelic for ‘Glen of Tranquillity’ reflecting the distillery’s peaceful setting.
Despite Prohibition, the Great Depression and two World Wars, the distillery managed to survive and went on to flourish, doubling its amount of stills for whisky production to four in 1977. An expansion in 1990 added four more stills, and two more fermentation vessels were added in 2002 to keep up with demand. In 2009, four more new stills were added, growing the total number of stills to twelve.
All of the Glenmorangie range is matured in different types of white oak casks. These casks are aired for two years before they are leased out to other distillers to mature their bourbons in. Glenmorangie then use the barrels for maturing their product in. The range of Glenmorangie Original spirits, is matured for ten years in these ex-bourbon casks. This spirit has a soft, mellow and creamy taste, with the scent of citrus and ripened peaches and subtle vanilla undertones.
Glenmorangie Pride 1978, began as a 19-year-old whisky before it was extra matured for 15 years in casks that were once used to mature sherry, port or wine. This malt is packed full of flavours including rich, ripe baked fruits, clove, cinnamon, aniseed, toasted oak and eucalyptus. Once these powerful, initial flavours settle, soft creamy vanilla and fudge comes through, along with tangy citrus fruits, a suggestion of cassis, and some milk chocolate on the aftertaste. Only 700 bottles of this single malt are available, making it one of the rarer single malt whiskeys. 
Glenmorangie has continued to be the best-selling single malt whisky in Scotland for over 33 years, producing around 10 million bottles per year. Between 6 and 6.5 million bottles are sold in the UK. Glenmorangie has an internationally following and enjoys a 6% share of the single malt market. They occasionally release special editions and have a range of different malts to enjoy to ensure that their customers are never left short of something to enjoy.

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