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Is the Future of the Spirits Industry in Craft?

Craft breweries have taken a huge slice of the beer and lager market but can the same be said for craft spirits? More and more evidence suggests that craft spirits are serious business and with the setup of the British Distillers Alliance (BDA), a new trade association to represent the interests of craft spirits businesses, the UK is certainly serious about growth in this sector.

The same can be said across the water as a recent study carried out in American, The Craft Spirits Data Project, found that there is a real chance craft spirits could be as successful as craft beers. There are over 1300 craft spirits companies in the USA and it has grown 27.9% in value between 2010 and 2015. This kind of growth is something anyone in the industry will want to keep an eye on but from the point of view of customers, it’s all about drink quality, flavour and diversity. Many craft producers have the opportunity to get creative as they tend to distil and create their spirits on a small batch basis.

A Closer Look at some Craft Spirits Brands

There are thousands of craft spirits brands making a name for themselves but here we’re just looking at a few which are stocked in our range and deliver a fantastic flavour and quality products.

Sacred Gin

Sacred Gin is a UK-based craft gin producer. A dedicated microdistillery in Highgate creates all their wonderful flavours and they have branched into other spirits beyond gin. Their range includes fascinating Coriander Gin and aptly festive Christmas Pudding Gin.

Bittermens Bitter and Spirits

New Orleans style and creativity goes into every single small batch creation from Bittermens. Small batch bitters are popular for the unique twist they add to cocktails and Bittermens quickly became a recognised name across the States and now here in the UK. Their flavours include New Orleans Coffee Liqueur and Citron Savage Liqueur.


Dead set on creating an unusual and original Texan whisky tradition, the distillers at Balcones began life building their own stills and kit in a welding shop under a bridge. They have grown to be true purveyors of their small Texan whisky empire and their products include the satisfying Baby Blue Corn Whiskey.


Described as British rum with an African soul, Matugga produce a delicious range of unique and aromatic and original rums. Based in Cambridgeshire they create all their rums using small batch copper pot distillation and their range includes beautiful flavours and products such as their Matugga Golden Rum.

The craft spirits sector is definitely growing in the right direction and as more people get experimental with their drink choices, they will probably see even more variety in craft offerings.

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