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Five Cocktails You’ll Love

Whatever your favourite tipple is, it’s always nice to mix it up a bit and enjoy the fantastic flavours of a fresh, fragrant and flavoursome cocktail. Here are five cocktail recipes we’re sure you’ll love. Some of them are a little quirkier than usual but we dare you to give them a go.

Apple Zu
Using world famous Zubrowska Bison Grass vodka, Apple Zu is a sharp and tangy cocktail choice. All you’ll need is your measure of Zubrowka and double that volume of cloudy apple juice. We recommend the 2:1 ratio for the perfect balance of flavours and suggest finishing it off with a wedge or two of fresh lime. Simple yet intensely satisfying.

Your classic dark rum cocktail that never fails to hit the spot. With spice and the heat of the alcohol combined, this cocktail offers a real hit of bold flavour. All you’ll need is your measure of your chosen dark rum (50ml recommended), ginger beer, fresh lime juice and a couple of ice cubes. Pop the ice in first to guarantee an ice cold freshness to your drink and squeeze in the lime juice to finish. Garnish with lime wedges and if you fancy a something a little different, consider a spiced rum.

French 75
A real classic with zest, refinement and style, your French 75 looks wonderful when presented in a champagne flute and is rich in both lemon freshness and the tingling bubbles of the fizz. For the best presentation, use a lemon zester to slice your peel into spirals and pop a measure of gin, a squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of sugar syrup into your cocktail shaker. Add ice and give it a good shake before straining over your flute, adding your champagne and popping in your lemon peel spirals and raspberries in to finish.

Jalapeno Margarita
Everyone loves a classic Margarita but this recipe gives it a little extra punch. The recipe combines 3 measures of tequila with one measure of Grand Marnier and a double measure of fresh, zesty lime juice. A dash of sugar syrup, crushed ice and sliced jalapenos added into the mix can all be shaken in your cocktail shaker. Serve them over fresh wedges of lime and salt for the glasses, for a real traditional Mexican drink.

Old Fashioned
A classic Old Fashioned recipe is an absolute must for any esteemed cocktail maker. Choose your bourbon carefully but first, place a sugar cube in a whisky tumbler and add three or four dashes of Angostura bitters, to soak the cube. Add a fresh cherry and a slice of orange, fill with ice and then mix. Once all mixed up it’s time to add that specially selected bourbon, stir and sip.

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