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Five Aromatic Gins to try This Year

Whether you enjoy a classic gin and tonic or mix it up into a more exotic cocktail, the quality of the gin you use makes all the difference. There are hundreds of gins of varying qualities on the market and here we’re looking at five fantastic, aromatic and unusual gins you could consider for your next cocktail.

Liverpool Organic Gin

Liverpool Gin is a company that describes their product as a complex organic gin and it certainly has a depth of flavour and truly local feel. The gin contains a unique blend of botanicals which have been landing at Liverpool’s world famous quayside for centuries. The botanicals are blended with a pure grain spirit which creates a smooth and classic gin flavour. You will enjoy notes of hand-picked juniper, coriander, angelica and a touch of citrus. The standard Liverpool Organic Gin is a wonderful choice for any cocktail but if you fancy something different they also offer Rose, Valencian Orange and other variations.

Brooklyn Gin

Handcrafted one batch at a time, Brooklyn Gin is a fresh, locally produced New York spirit that doesn’t disappoint. It is distilled in a one-of-a-kind Christian Carl copper pot still in the Hudson Valley and all the fantastic local and fresh ingredients are brought together in one go. The ingredients include citrus fruit such as kumquats, Navel oranges and Persian limes with herbs and botanicals from around the globe including Albanian juniper and Brazilian cocoa nibs. The small batch process creates a classy artisan product which is most importantly, highly drinkable.

FEW Barrel Gin

FEW Barrel Gin stands out because not many gins are aged in oak barrels. It looks more like a whisky or dark spirit than a regular clear gin and the ageing process helps to give the gin a much higher level of sweetness and spice than the average gin. The classic citrus and aromatic notes of gin are present in each sip of FEW but you will also enjoy a rich biscuit-depth to it with a hint of ginger and the warmth of cloves.

Buss No.509 White Rain Gin

Buss is a Belgian distillery and the No.509 range of gins incorporates a vast array of different flavours, from raspberry to peach. Their White Rain Gin is the most classic flavour and it has the botanicals you’d expect including juniper and coriander with deeper flavours of liquorice, iris, verbena and marjoram at its core. It’s the kind of gin that contemporary gin fans will love but it will also convince lovers of more traditional flavours too.

Pickering’s Edinburgh Gin (Navy Strength)

Pickering’s Gin is produced in Edinburgh city centre, at the Summerhall Distillery. Their navy strength gin was released to mark their official gin sponsorship of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2014. It’s affectionately known as the bearskin gin which you’ll know when you see it is topped with a bearskin hat and a special commemorative neck tag. The strength of this gin makes it an outstanding cocktail gin, whatever your favourite cocktail is.

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