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Fake it as a cocktail expert

Summer is almost upon us and along with great weather comes garden parties, BBQs, festivals and even just some quiet time in the garden. While most people will be diving into the fridge for the nearest box of beer why not try something a little different. We have prepared some top tips on how you can pass yourself off as a top cocktail waiter and prepare some great drinks for you and your party guests.


Know your ingredients, both the way you can modify or enhance to suit your customer. Its also important to use fresh ingredients particularly fruit where possible, ripe fruits can make and break the taste of a great cocktail. The additives that go into bottled and canned mixers and fruit also can quickly ruin your flavorsome combination.

Know your alcohol

We all know the expression “Jack of all trades, master of none”, well the same applies to your part-time bar keeping skills. Whilst true mixologists have spent years honing their skills and expertise it will serve you better to know a few recipes for your favourite tipple inside out. Personally as a vodka drinker knowing the little things, such as keeping your vodka sub zero, will reduce the headaches in the morning and will keep your guests coming back for refills.

Dressing your drink

Whilst dressing your finished masterpiece with everything to hand may suit the Del Boy drinkers it could be the downfall of your creation. Garnishes are not only designed into a cocktail recipe to look the part but their subtle flavours are essential to the drinks success. The Martini wouldn’t be the drink it is without the olives now would it?

Presentation is the key

The different between a professional looking drink and a Frat party creation is presentation. Just like a gourmet meal, presentation is key and you should have a good aesthetic to your drink as well as the flavour. Make sure your glassware is clean, chilled (if appropriate) and suits the cocktails they are holding, Long Vodkas in a brandi glass is a no no.


Be passionate about it, or you’ll hate doing it! Especially when you have to do 10+ cocktails in a row.

Recipe Resources

If these ideas have got you in the spirit to throw the vodka bottles around and dazzle your guests with your new knowledge then check out some of these great resources:

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